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„Turtle Island Gallery“

In the Karl May Museum, we talk mainly about “the Indians” and their past. However, about 7 million indigenous people still live in North America today. Some of them will have their say in our “Turtle Island Gallery,” which will open in 2023. Here you can see works of art, such as paintings, photographs and sculptures by contemporary indigenous artists of North America. The artists incorporate traditional elements into their works, address historical grievances or current issues. Sometimes critical, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, they show the diverse perspectives of modern Indigenous people in the U.S. and Canada.
The following 13 artists are represented in the first and current exhibition at “Turtle Island Gallery”. Since we not only want them to have their say, but also want to support them, you will also find the links to their websites and stores enclosed.

The following artists are presented in the “Turtle Island Gallery”:

The Turtle Island Gallery will periodically feature new artists and themes drawn from the Karl May Museum’s large collection and a permanent loan from ethnologist Martin Schultz.

Turtle Island Gallery Quentin Commanda - Turtle Island Foto: Branczeisz, Exhibition opening with Kenichiro Toko (U.S. Consulate General in Leipzig)

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