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Contact details & committees of the Karl May Foundation

Karl-May-Stiftung Radebeul
Karl-May-Straße 5
01445 Radebeul

Telephone: +49 (0) 351 8373010
Fax: +49 (0) 351 8373055


Managing Director:
Dr Christian Wacker

Board of Management
Werner Schul (Chairman)
Ralf Harder (Deputy Chairman)
Bert Wendsche
Thomas Grübner
Klaus Voigt

Board of Trustees:
President: Dr Robert Straßer
Vice-President: Dr Volkmar Kunze

Ekkehard Bartsch
Thomas Grafenberg
Dr Henry Hasenpflug
Erich Homilius
Ingwert Paulsen
Michael Petzel
Joachim Sacher
Philipp Schall
Dipl.-BW Karsten Wagner
René Wagner
Prof. (em.) Dr Helmut G. Walther
Marco Wanderwitz
Dr Johannes Zeilinger

Here you can learn more about the Statutes of the Karl May Foundation.

Karl May as his alter ego Old Shatterhand, 1896Karl May as his alter ego Old Shatterhand, 1896 Karl May’s office fitted out with Oriental furnitureKarl May’s office fitted out with Oriental furniture

Karl May Museum

Karl-May-Str. 5
01445 Radebeul

Our admission prices

Adults: € 9 / Reduced admission: € 7
Children: € 3 / Family ticket: € 20

Temporarily closed

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