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Exhibition retrospective

Annual exhibition

And Peace on Earth

1 December 2018 to 27 October 2019

The annual exhibition recalls the time of the freedom movement in the late 19th century until Karl May’s death in 1912, and contextualises it with the freedom movements of our time. What did Karl May think about this and how is it expressed in his writing? Which religious symbols are used and how do characters like Winnetou behave in this context?

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Deckelbild "Friede auf Erden" von Sascha Schneider, 1904: ein nackter Engel umkreist die Erde und hält ein Licht in der rechten Hand
Showcase exhibition Winnetou lives...!

80 years of Karl May at Felsenbühne Rathen

22 April to 28 October 2018

The special show looked back at the history of Germany’s oldest Karl May Festival, which has been held at the Felsenbühne open-air stage in Rathen near Dresden since 1938. Besides historical documents, photographs and videos, the exhibition also featured special props from the festival.

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Showcase exhibition “Winnetou lives...!": the actors Winnetou & Old Shatterhand, 1984
Special exhibition Hidden Treasures

From the Karl May Museum depot

December 2015 to October 2018

The special exhibition “Hidden treasures – From the Karl May Museum depot” showed rare delicacies from almost everywhere around the world. Some are from the private estate of author Karl May and his second wife Klara, or found their way into the collection via artist Patty Frank and other collectors.

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View into the special exhibition “Hidden treasures From the Karl May Museum depot”
Showcase exhibition Fragile forces

Images on Karl May by Sascha Schneider and Rainer Griese

1 July 2017 to 31 March 2018

On the 90th anniversary of the death of Sascha Schneider, the Karl May Museum presented the showcase exhibition “Fragile forces – Images on Karl May by Sascha Schneider and Rainer Griese”. Schneider presented the powerful figures in May’s works in particular, while his artworks also show weakness and fragility at the same time. Griese’s modern photographs also focus on this fragility of these forces.

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"Winnetou" by Rainer Griese, 2007
Showcase exhibition for children Yakari, Winnetou & Co.

Our fascination with Indians, past and present

1 October 2014 to 30 August 2015

The “Yakari, Winnetou & Co. – Our fascination with Indians, past and present” special exhibition traced the “Yakari-Mania” in Germany, examining it in the context of past forms of children’s fascination with Indians. The exhibition was created specifically for kids, both in content and design.

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Showcase exhibition "Yakari, Winnetou & Co. - Our fascination with Indians, past and present", Karl May playing cards
Special exhibition

Klara May as a photographer

1 April to 31 August 2014

To celebrate the 150th birthday and 70th anniversary of the death of Karl May’s second wife and museum co-founder Klara May (1864-1944), the special exhibition “Klara May as a photographer” was dedicated to her passion as an amateur photographer.

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Picture mashup: Klara May and Karl May in Tirol, Austria

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